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Tax Preparer Data Theft = Spear Phishing

Scam of the day – Tax Preparer Data Theft Increases Dramatically Famous bank robber Willie Sutton was reportedly once asked why he robbed banks to which he responded, “because that’s where the money is.” When it comes to income tax identity theft which is still a multi billion problem for the IRS and legitimate taxpayers, the […]

Join Us At the 2018 Star of the North!

The Minnesota Dental Association’s Star of the North Meeting, the premier Upper Midwest state dental meeting. There will be over 90 continuing education seminars and an exhibit floor featuring over 250 innovative companies. Additionally, the Star of the North Meeting provides current clinical and practice management information to the dental community. Seminars will be offered […]

Maximize Your Profitability Through Real Estate

Let’s start with some basics: Unless you own a mobile clinic, you will need an office space to see patients A practice’s office lease or mortgage is typically it’s second-highest expense In today’s economy, maximizing profitability is not only a desire, but it’s also essential for most practices to stay in business Now let’s dig […]

An Infection Control Update For A Dentistry Practice

The CDC Supplement is here.  This guide is titled “Summary of Infection Prevention Practices in Dental Settings – Basic Expectations for Safe Care”. “Transmission of infectious agents among patients and dental healthcare personnel in dental settings is rare.  However, from 2003 to 2015, transmission have been documented. . . .The information presented is based primarily […]

The Digital Revolution in Lab Technology

Things certainly have changed in the 45 years that I have been a dental technician. I think our industry has never been more exciting than it is right now. Digital laboratory technology is rapidly evolving and this has completely changed the way we design and fabricate dental restorations. Although most of the impressions we receive are […]

Using Social Intelligence To Keep Employees Engaged

Author: Amy Sargent You hear a lot about emotional intelligence these days, but what do you know about social intelligence? Social intelligence is the ability to be aware of how others are feeling, in the moment, and manage your behavior in a way that nourishes the relationship. Social intelligence is two-fold: 1-social awareness and 2-relationship management. Social […]


By Rick Epple, CFP®, CeFT® Are you thinking I have been working as a dentist for a number of years and while I make a good income, I have no idea if I am on track for retirement.  How do I take control of my future?  The following process can be used to start you […]

Renewing Your Lease: Important Things To Know

By Tyler Van Eps • CARR Healthcare Realty Leases and lease renewals are not typically conducted on a level playing field. After all, the landlord is in the real estate business and most doctors are not. By planning ahead and having professional representation, it is possible to negotiate a lower lease rate and receive a […]

Case Study: Implant Supported Custom Milled Bar With…

…Horizontally Screw Retained PFM Fixed Partial Denture  By Jeff Benson, DDS  A 65 year old male lost teeth #’s 8 and 9 many years ago and waxed bridge from #6-11 was placed. The #6-11 bridge eventually failed, likely due to a combination of a deep overbite and bruxism. In the pretreatment photo (figure 1), note […]