Helping dentists achieve success!

Searching for answers to your most pressing dental practice questions? Want to improve revenues and make the most of your business?
Seeking more clinical and professional success? Want to achieve financial independence?

The gateway to those answers is the
As a group of independent dental advisors, we are able to assist dentists in building their practices, improving their skills, enhancing their financial success, and securing their retirement. Each member joined this informal alliance to learn from the other and better serve our clients.

The Purpose of…
•  Introduce Northern Dental Alliance Team and its Members
•  Provide the best tools and resources for a dentist’s most pressing personal financial needs and practice development objectives
•  Educate dentists in team communication & systems, patient marketing & communication, clinical, case creation, metals refining, collections, transitions & legal,

technology, employment, equipment, healthcare realty, legal, transitions office construction, retirement savings, OSHA & infection control

Remember: What You Don’t Know Can Help You!
Our team of experts can assist in all aspects of dental practice development: directly or through our contacts. No matter what your pressing need maybe, we are equipped to help. Choose the service specialty you need. Areas of Dental Services Expertise:

• New Office Construction, Remodeling  •  Office Safety & Compliance Training  •  Laboratory & CE  •  Practice Transitions & Legal  •  Dental Treatment & Examination Equipment •  Team Building & Consulting  •  Dental Staffing & Employment  •  Reputation Building Reviews  •  Technology Services, Sales & Support  •  Healthcare Realty