All Dentists are the Same! What??  All Contractors are the Same! What??

Both statements could not be more FALSE!

Both statements could lead you to a painful and expensive experience.

How we can help:

Experience.  As a part of your team, Heritage Construction can help guide you through the initial property selection by offering budgetary advice based on countless dental specific projects. This means you can make the most educated property selection for your practice.

  1. Dedication. Heritage Construction knows the value of working within your timeline. We know it is crucial that your practice has minimal downtime. This means less disruption to your clients.
  2. Save you money by doing it right the first time. Heritage Construction takes TEAM seriously. We form alliances with the design team, dental equipment suppliers, and sub-contractors to enhance quality and productivity on your project. This means a more cost effective project to you.
  3. Communication. Heritage Construction maintains a high level of communication to you and the team to include scheduled walk through if desired. Since we value your opinion we listen to your concerns and questions. This means you keep on schedule and as part of your team we help you achieve your desired clinic.

Patricia Oseland, Associate Project Manager 763-333-6815 

Richard Etshokin, Sr. Project Manager 763-486-3086            

Please browse our website to view recently completed projects.

Our mission is to protect and serve our clients with unmatched business professionalism and honesty. We strive to create work environments that are based on respect, and that are rewarding and fun. We will form alliances with our subcontractors and suppliers to enhance job site safety, productivity and cost effectiveness.

Most important, we will be honorable.

Heritage is a NDA Member.

Your Profesional Resource Advisors.

Helping dentists achieve success!


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