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9 Tips to Building a Strong Financial Policy

It’s a fact: Collection laws are set up to protect consumers. But as a business, you have to protect yourself. Having a strong financial policy can make all the difference should one of your consumers break the terms of your contract, find themselves past-due, or even require collection activity. However, if you want to reinforce […]

Dentists Submit Your Dental Debts Before Holiday Hoopla

The holidays can be stressful and crazily busy. It’s so busy that surviving the holiday season requires an almost endless list of lists. You have shopping lists of who to buy for, where you’re going to do your shopping, what food you’re going to serve, what you’re going to bring to this or that party, […]

The Myth That Dental Patients Should Know Their Benefits

Dental health care providers need to let patients know they’re here to help them with their benefits.* Dental Products Report Tue, 2015-04-28 10:45 | by Teresa Duncan MS FADIA FAADOM *Christensen Dental Consulting Hosted the Seminar “Buckle Up! Insurance and CDT Code Changes Are Coming!” on Sept. 2015 and wanted to Share this Article Written by Teresa […]

NDA October Dental Newsletter

The Myth That Dental Patients Should Know Their Benefits • Main Article Hands On Seminar Hosted by 3M and Renstrom Dental Studio • Featured Seminar + MORE! CLICK TO VIEW — NDA October 2015 Newsletter

NDA September Dental Newsletter

Improving Patient Communications And Loyalty • Patients want more personalized care and communication Seminar: Achieve Pain-Free Dentistry • NDA and MN Head & Neck Pain Clinic + MORE! CLICK TO VIEW — NDA September 2015 Newsletter    

Improving Patient Communications & Loyalty

Never has the bond between a provider and patient been more important than today. Dental practices face challenges they haven’t been prepared for. More competition. Lower reimbursements. A tightening bottom line. We have to start communicating better with patients. To reach new ones. To keep existing ones. To improve the patient experience and ultimately the […]


By Rick Epple, CFP®, NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor As summer passes and we head into fall, are you thinking I have been working as a dentist for a number of years and while I make a good income, I have no idea if I am on track for retirement. How do I take control of […]