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Dr. Fain’s Office, in a historic building

In the fall Renstrom attended the U of M Dental Student Vendor Fair. It is always fun to visit with the students, and you can just tell how excited they are to get out into the dental industry. One thing that caught my attention, as I heard it from multiple students, was how they were disappointed they wouldn’t be able to send to us, since they will be practicing out of state. I thought that was an interesting assumption, as we work with doctors all over including throughout the state of MN, WI, ND, IA, FL and as far as NY and TN!

But after I thought about that, it is understandable to assume you might only work with a dental lab that is local to you. It does give you the ability to run over and discuss a case if you’d like, and to get to know the technicians you are working with. We love working with our local doctors, but we are still able to build that trustworthy relationship with offices out of town as well.

When looking for a lab, make sure you are looking for one who is providing the quality of products and services you are expecting, and is willing to work on building that relationship with you, whether that is down the road, or across the country.

This September I was visiting TN for a friend’s wedding, so my husband and I were able to stop by and see 2 great offices we work with in Knoxville, TN. Dr. Fain & Dr. Evans both had started sending to Crocus Dental (before we merged), well over 10 years ago. We work with them on a daily basis, and have a great relationship with them through casework, phone calls and written messages. It was such a treat to be able to visit them and tour their office! Both offices are full of such wonderful people, it really makes you appreciate those you work with and the pleasant relationships they provide.


Randi with Dr. Evans

Plus, we got to see a bit of Knoxville and what a fun town it is to visit! Then this October, Greg & Jeff were able to go out to New York and visit a few offices. Dr. Rosenstein is a doctor that we also get to discuss cases with frequently, and are very involved with his daily casework. We even had the pleasure of having Dr. Rosenstein out to visit us in the Spring of 2014!  This time Greg & Jeff got to tour his office, and see what it’s like in his neck of the woods!

Whether you are working with a laboratory that is near to you, or out of town, the important thing is to make sure you have built a relationship with the technicians working on your cases. They are there to provide the best work possible, and to make sure your patients leave your office excited about their new smile.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us, whether that be via phone, or email, and we will make sure to answer whatever it is, and to make sure all your specifications are being met, and exceeded!

~ Randi James is a representative of Renstrom Dental Studio and a member of NDA.


Originally on Renstrom’s Blog: From Minnesota to Tennessee! We work across the country!

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