Dentists Submit Your Dental Debts Before Holiday Hoopla

The holidays can be stressful and crazily busy. It’s so busy that surviving the holiday season requires an almost endless list of lists. You have shopping lists of who to buy for, where you’re going to do your shopping, what food you’re going to serve, what you’re going to bring to this or that party, and what groceries you need. You have To Do lists of what needs to be tidied up before guests arrive, errands you have to run, and appointments you can’t miss. And that’s just your personal life. Throw a busy dental office environment into this mix and sometimes the holidays feel like utter chaos.

Dental Debts Holiday Hoopla, DentistsIt’s easy to forget things around the dental office in this atmosphere, easy to let things pile up or set them aside. More than one of IC System’s dental clients has mentioned being “just too busy” to deal with their past-due dental accounts during the period between October and December. But now is perhaps the most important time of all to make sure your past-due dental accounts are getting placed with a collection agency sooner.

In our experience, dental debts are most collectable within the first 90 days of delinquency. After the first 90 days, our chances of recovering the balance decrease dramatically. Even more after 120 days.

So let’s say there’s a new past-due dental account that just came across your desk. It’s 30 days past-due. Normally, you might make a few calls on it, send a letter or two, and then send it to a collection agency, like IC System. But now the holidays are coming. You’ve got a few days off here and there. End-of-year workloads begin to stack up. And let’s face reality—your productivity isn’t what it should be, because you’re spending an eyebrow-raising amount of your workday daydreaming about presents and food. Hey, we all do it.

By the time mid-November rolls around, you meant to call on that past-due dental account but got caught up in the holiday hoopla instead. It happens. But if you’re not submitting your past-due dental accounts by this time, chances are you won’t get your accounts submitted within the ideal 90-day delinquency period. At this point, the one or two calls you’re able to make aren’t going to produce much. After all, you don’t have all day to make collection calls, and your past-due customers have busy holiday schedules too. And so, already your chances of recovering the dental debt are decreasing more and more.

All the more reason to get past-due dental accounts to IC System now. If we start collecting on your delinquent inventory today, we can make payment arrangements before the busy (and expensive!) holiday season arrives. We can negotiate plans before your consumers begin their holiday shopping and may get accounts paid off before the holidays, or certainly just after the holidays when people start receiving their tax refunds—we coordinate smaller payments during the holiday season, and schedule a payoff for when refunds are received. Better yet, it’s one less item you have to think about this holiday season.

Here’s the thing: It’s already hard enough to collect past-due dental accounts. Why make it harder by waiting? Make it easier on yourself and your office. Get the debts to a collection agency early. Check that box off your To Do list. Clear the pile on your desk. Get your boss’ email titled “What’s going on with our accounts receivables?” out of your inbox.

Do this, and we’ll be able to collect better for you, and you’ll be able to concentrate on what’s important this holiday season.
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