Improving Patient Communications & Loyalty

pos_professionalNever has the bond between a provider and patient been more important than today.

Dental practices face challenges they haven’t been prepared for. More competition. Lower reimbursements. A tightening bottom line.

We have to start communicating better with patients. To reach new ones. To keep existing ones. To improve the patient experience and ultimately the relationship between a patient and a provider.

Patients want more personalized care and communication – whether it’s sent to their mobile, laptop or mailbox.

Practices know it, but 90% admit they don’t have the expertise to do it right.

First, it’s important to define ‘communications’. POS Professional Office Services defines patient communications as every piece of communication (printed, digital, verbal and novnverbal) that a patient has with a practice and a provider.

So now that we have a handle on what we mean by patient communications, where is a logical place to start? Let’s start with the brand. Why does the brand matter so much? Your brand is more than a color or a logo – it’s a promise to your patients.  Do all of your pieces have the same look and feel?

Integrated, personalized branded materials along the entire patient journey improves how practices communicate with their patients.

Look around your office and at every single piece of communication you send to a patient. Your brochures, statements, posters, digital messagings, welcome packets, letters and so on. Do they look like they come from the same practice?

Through extensive research for our customers we learned how to improve patient communications and patient/provider engagement. The result? The Five Phases of the Patient Lifecycle.

  1. The New Patient – Welcome and registration communications
  2. Diagnostic & Treatment – Communications to support treatment and care
  3. Financial – Customized patient statements and supporting communications
  4. Educational & Preventative – Recare and frequent practice news
  5. Patient Acquisition – Marketing and patient referrals

Intentional and frequent communication will improve relationships.

Every piece of communication you are sending is part of an ongoing conversation you are having with your patient.
POS Professional Office Services approaches communications as a way to create a bond with patients. Our expertise includes Print. Patient Statement Processing. Digital Messaging. Patient Surveys. And we brand every single piece of communication to reflect our practices’ brands.

Find out more about POS, a NDA member, by clicking here.

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