A HOT Property In Both Worlds: The CUBEX2!

Zirconia Crowns Cubex2There is no denying the fact that zirconia restorations are on the rise in dental offices. Whether you are currently prescribing zirconia, hearing about it through educations courses, e.mail blasts, or seeing the marketing materials landing in your office , you know it is here. In 2010, about 60% of the restorations created at Renstrom were PFMs, while e.Max and Zirconia were both about 15%. In 2014, PFMs were down to just 16%, e.Max was at 37% and Zirconia had risen to 45%! And that number just continues to rise! As with all new products, the technology continues to improve with time.

The latest material Renstrom has been using is CubeX2, and we have been seeing great success with the new material! CubeX2 has the strength of zirconia that dentists prefer (720 MPa), yet has the translucency that is approaching lithium disilicate. We are getting the best of both worlds!

Another benefit is turnaround time. Due to the manufacturing process of zirconia, we are able to return them back to you in a short-er time frame so you are able to have your patients back in the chair even sooner! The manufacturing process is becoming more digital, making your restorations even more accurate. Once we receive your case and complete the model work, we can scan the dies, design your crowns, and then they are ready to be milled. Once they are milled, the crowns are quality checked, finished, and ready to be stained and glazed, or if it is a coping, our ceramists will layer porcelain to your specifications.

Then as always, Rick Renstrom will check each crown before it leaves the lab, to make sure it was completed to each doctors personal specifications.

Although CubeX2 is a great option for a lot of cases, there are limitations as well. Your darker or very low value shades are still best layered when esthetics and the shade are the high priority. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss it with you! If you haven’t tried it yet, make sure to give us a call and ask to try the CubeX2 zirconia! (Pronounced: Cube-Ex)

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